Understanding Tanita Measurements

“Forget about your Weight, Focus on your Body Composition.”


Your body is mainly composed of muscle, fat and water. When you exercise more or start dieting, your body composition will change, even if your weight stays the same. Take the following illustrations as example, both men have the same height, same weight and thus same BMI; however, their body composition are totally different.

Stepping on a conventional scale can’t show you the difference between the kilograms that come from body fat and kilograms that come from lean body tissue like muscle and bone.

Body Composition Monitors can tell you the ratio of muscle and fat inside your body, and also other useful data like Total Body Water, Visceral Fat Rating and BMR
(Basal Metabolic Rate)

Knowing your body composition help give you a complete picture of your fitness level, allowing you to review and design an effective diet & exercise plan towards a healthier life.