Why Choose Tanita

Tanita is the global leader in health monitoring, having created the world's first stand-on Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) monitor for the professional market in 1992, followed soon after by the launch of a BIA monitor for home use in 1994.


Today, Tanita is the world leader in health monitoring and body composition monitors and scales, with sales of more than 20 million units worldwide.


The Tanita professional range of body composition monitors uses the most accurate, reliable and advanced health monitoring technology on the market and offers professionals the potential to expand their client services. Tanita BIA technology makes it possible to clearly demonstrate to clients the impact of their health, fitness or nutrition program, and provide an instant assessment of individual's health status at any time.


Highest levels of precision and clinical accuracy
The original equations used in Tanita software were devised by world-renowned body composition expert Professor Steven Heymsfield and his research team at St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia University, New York. Extensive independent research has proven that the accurate prediction of an individual's body composition can only be determined if a range of parameters are included in an algorithm, such as gender, age and height and weight. Thanks to the advanced technology, TANITA BIA equations are highly correlated to various Gold Standards in Body Composition including DEXA, Multiple Dilution Technique and CT scan.

Trusted by experts for clinical excellence
Tanita BIA technology has been extensively validated against alternative body composition techniques and the findings have been published in international medical journals. In addition, Tanita monitors have been used in hundreds of independent research studies worldwide. Tanita is regarded by the scientific community as the gold standard in BIA technology and the Tanita Medical Advisory Board ensures Tanita remains at the forefront of scientific advances.

Ground breaking advances in research
Tanita continually invests in numerous research projects that focus on enhancing understanding of key health and fitness issues, including areas such as childhood obesity, optimising sports performance and sarcopenia in the elderly. Our aim is to work with experts to develop tools and technologies to assist all healthcare and sports professionals in providing the best possible services and to help people enjoy healthier lives.

Repeatability of measurements through precision weighing
Precise weight measurements are essential for calculating accurate body composition measurements. Tanita prides itself on manufacturing highly accurate weighing mechanisms in both its home use and professional models. All Tanita medically approved professional monitors have been awarded NAWI Certification as well MDD Class IIa, FDA and CE Approval ensuring the highest standards are met.

Sound quality through robust construction
Tanita has grown through continuous product innovation and a commitment to maintaining the highest manufacturing quality standards. The company operates award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China and all Tanita medical products meet strict international quality standards and are independently quality-controlled. All Tanita professional scales and analysers are calibrated for up to 300,000 uses and are issued with a 1-year guarantee for your peace of mind.