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Professional Body Composition Analyzer
Based on continuous research development, TANITA now further improves with the new 4-Compartment (“4C”) technology for the most accurate and reliable method of body composition validation. The 4C technology estimates each compartment (body fat, protein, bone and water) individually with reference to different gold standards, thus maximizing the result accuracy.
“The 4C model is a gold standard method to assess body composition in many conditions such as over and under nutrition, hydration, obesity and sarcopenia.” – Professor Angelo Pietrobelli Verona University Medical School TMAB Member
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MC-980 MA plus
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Body Composition Analyzer
MC-780 MA
Full portfolio of body composition monitors with Medical Grade Standard

Ensure accurate measurement and patient safety
BIA technology can apply to different specialist e.g. sports science, rehabilitation(pre/post)

Access elite athletes in order to achieve best performance
Recommended by many leading dietitian and weight management group

Provide detailed body composition analysis to assist dietitian in making nutrition and exercise plan
Have been used in hundreds of independent research studies worldwide

Enhance understanding of key health issues in university and community
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