The pioneering Dual Frequency BIA technology uses two different bio-electrical impedance frequencies, giving more comprehensive body composition results as well as one's muscle condition - "Muscle Quality".

With reference to this "Muscle Quality Score", you can adjust the amount of exercise to improve muscle strength.

Monitoring this score can help customize your training program and boost performance.

In less than 10 seconds, a full body composition analysis report is available, with detailed evaluation of Body Fat %, Muscle Mass, Muscle Score for all four limbs and trunk.

Altogether 26 whole-body and segmental body composition readings are available in less than 10 seconds. It provides you with a more in-depth analysis of your current physical status, which can serve as a training reference to improve performance and avoid injuries.

Motivate yourself by benchmarking your muscle condition and body ability with our 1,000+ professional athlete database.

TANITA HealthPlanet

Track your progress with easy-to-read charts, graphs and helpful assessments, perfect for fine-tuning your fitness programs.

Access your details anytime via the HealthPlanet app or website.

Apart from the TANITA HealthPlanet app, you can also check the measurement easily on the grip.

Measurements will also be displayed in the following
color-coded indicators.

"RD-545 helps me spot out which side of the body that I need to work on for a better balance.
It provides me with direction on how to improve my results further."

- Triathlon athlete (39 years old, Female)

"Through constant checking of the relationship between Muscle Quality Score and my ultimate performance, I figured out what I should do to achieve my perfect bodyshape."
- High Jump athlete (21 years old, Female)

"RD-545 let me know that the internal injury on my leg was not yet recovered. Based on that, I rearranged my training content to avoid further injuries."
- Fitness Trainer (44 years old, Male)

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