3-Axes Activity Monitor
Product Details
  • Time (24 hour display)
  • Steps
  • Distance (km)
  • Walking time
  • Total energy expenditure (Kcal)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) (Kcal)
  • Activity-related Energy Expenditure (AEE) (Kcal)
  • METs
  • 24 hour activity graph
  • 7 day memory

The next generation in physical activity monitors based on the latest medical research.

This motivational tool is perfect to encourage users to increase their activity levels. It clearly demonstrates METS, steps and the number of calories burned based on their BMR.  The information is ideal to demonstrate to users their energy expenditure throughout the day, on an hourly basis whether it is walking, gardening, sitting or sleeping.

All the results are stored for 7 days allowing the user to see their progress over the week. The high-tech accelerometer technology used in the AM-120E has been shown in tests to give results highly and significantly correlated with energy expenditure calculated using Weir's equation (VO2 and VCO2 measurement).

The Monitor can be worn in a shirt or trouser pocket or placed in a hand bag for convenience.



  • The intensity of current activity through METS - encouraging a progressive increase in activity intensity. 
  • Energy expenditure (calories burned) when active and when at rest.
  • Balance calorie intake with actual calories burned over 24 hours.
  • The 24 hour graph displays additional energy expenditure as a result of physical activity on an hourly basis, allow targets to be set for the day and for an instant result to be shown on the graph