WBGT Heat Index Meter
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Product Details
  • Evaluate safe levels of physical exertion when outdoors
  • Measures temperature, humidity and solar radiation
  • Built-in alarm function to alert of threatening conditions
  • Portable design, easy to carry, includes mounting accessories

The TT-563 WBGT (WetBulb Globe Temperature) is a convenient and easy to use device that allows you to determine the safe levels of physical exertion when working or exercising outdoors.  More accurate than the heat index used by the U.S. National Weather Service which does not account for the effects of solar radiation.  Monitoring temperature, humidity and solar radiation is important, as they can be contributing factors to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Simply place the TT-563 in direct sunlight, results are displayed within seconds.  Air temperature range: OC to 50C.  WBGT range: OC to 50C.   Globe temperature range: OC to 60C.   Relative humidly range: 20% to 90%.  Dew point temperature range: -18C to 48C.  Features mounting hardware and alarm function.